Drafter to Make Computer Draft Bills Clear




Mr. Paiboon  Amonpinyokeat, the legal expert and advisor to Committee on Drafting the Computer Crimes Act (NO…) B.E. Crimes defended clearly detail concerning about this act as follows :

– The new Computer Act is not related to the Single Gateway, and won’t infringe upon individual rights, the Single gateway will be issue in any Cyber Security Bill, (Article 35)

– Any websites seen as a threat to national security or “offend people’s good morals” and others will require a cant order.

– There are 4 steps to process screening in case of the illegal immoral : to block the website as follows :

  1. The committee receives the complaints

One of the most controversial issues surrounding the bill is that : five members of committee will be set up the committee to screen computer information. The panel can recommend authorities ask for court order to remove or block the content

  1. Submit the complaints to the cabinet
  2. Submit to the court as the final

This process take 2 – 3 months, If appeal will take 2 – 3 years. This section 20 has no power than specified by the court.

– This bills does not limited on rights and freedom of users and public, and will not violate anyone

– This bills protect public services, and the public can comment on the government secrets

The advisor said that, the principle in this bill is very useful for people and public. In particular, to resolve the problem of spam mails, e – waste and reduce/spam.

Ministry of Digital Economy and Society strongly confirmed that the new Computer Crime Act is not related to the single gateway.

Gp. Capt. Somsak  Khaosuwan, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Digital Economy and Society said that this act does not ban the right of user, and reconfirm about this bill has the main purpose for rights and liberties protection of people. The people will get more benefit from this act.

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