Progress report on the subject of the proposed reform. Suggestions to the reform-driven country in accordance with article. 31 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand

  1. Reform reports submitted to the Cabinet


  • Public Service System on Filing Police Report and Investigation Process
  • Draft Act on Organization to Assign Radio Frequency and to Regulate the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Service (No. …) B.E. …
  • Role, Duties and Utilization of Oil Fund and the Draft Act on Oil Fund B.E. …
  • Preparation and Implementation of Laws on National Strategies and the Draft Act on National Strategies B.E. …
  • Tourism Development
  • Independence of Police Personnel Administration without Political Interference
  • Establishment of the National Sports Policy Commission and the Draft Act on National Sports Policy B.E. …
  • Observations on the Amendments to Draft Act on Computer-Related Offenses (No. ..) B.E. …
  • Adoption of Building Energy Code (BEC) for Energy Conservation
  • Development of Rules and Regulations that Enable Local Administration to Improve Elderly’s Quality of Life and Elder Care
  • Preparation and Drafting of the National Sports Development Plan No. 6 (2017-2021)
  • Reform on Bio Economy
  • Social Economy
  • Urgent Reform Plan on Resolving Issues Concerning Internal Quality Assurance and External Quality Assessment in Education
  • Reform on Science, Technology and Research for Innovation
  • Reform on Public Organizations and the Draft Act on Public Organization (No. …) B.E. …
  • Economics of Microfinance and the Draft Act on Community Development Financial Institution B.E. …
  • Recommendation on the Draft Act on Public Procurement B.E. ….
  • Establishment of the National Health Policy Commission
  • Establishment of the Healthcare Information systems Standards and Processing Administration (HISPA)
  • Lifelong Learning Management and the Draft Act on Lifelong Learning B.E. ….
  • Urgent Reform Plan on Solving the Delay of Processes in Human Resource Management at the Office of the Basic Education Commission and the Draft Act on Government Teacher and Education Personnel (No. ..) B.E. …
  • Reform on Learning System for Citizenship: Being Good, Disciplined, Proud of the Nation, and Responsible for Family, Community, Society and the Country.
  • Reform on Creative and Cultural Economy
  • Free and Fair Election
  • Report and Recommendation on the Reform Concerning Agencies with Mandate to Monitor Online Content



  1. Reform Reports under the NRSA Committees’ review
  • Reform on Digital Economy
  • Public Participation in Local Administration and the Draft Act on Voting to Remove Local Council Member and Executive (No. ..) B.E. ….
  • Public Participation in Introduction of Local Legislation and the Draft Act on Introduction of Local Legislation
  • National Cultural Heritage Site Management for Greater Cultural Value and the Draft Act on Expropriation (No. ..) B.E. …. and the Draft Act on Archaeological Site and Artifact, Object of Art and National Museum (No. ..) B.E. ….
  • Reform on Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Thailand and the Related Laws
  • Land Bank and the Draft Act on Land Bank B.E. ….
  • Approach to Prevent and Control Health Risk Factor in Food and Nutrition:
    an Excise Tax on Beverages with Unhealthy Sugar Level


  1. Reform Agendas Presented by the NRSA President and Later Endorsed by the
    Prime Minister
  • Draft Act on Establishment of Criminal Court for Dishonest Acts and Malfeasance Cases B.E. …
  • Draft Act on Stolen Asset Recovery B.E. …
  • Draft Act on Offenses relating to Conflicts of Interest B.E. …
  • Draft Act on Promotion and Development of Fair Contract Farming B.E….
  • Drought and Water Management


  1. Reform Progress Reports submitted to the Cabinet for implementation in accordance
    with Section 31 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim)
  • Reform on Trade Competition Law and the Draft Act on Trade Competition B.E. …
  • Reform Plan on Right Livelihood in Community
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement for Low-Income Seniors: an Expedition of the Implementation of the Act on National Savings Fund B.E. 2554 (2011)
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Management System
  • Reform on Marine and Coastal Resource Management
  • Reform on Environmental Impact Assessment System
  • Unsafe Product Management and the Draft Act on Notification and Management of Unsafe Consumer Products B.E. …
  • Liability for Damages arising from Defective Products and the Draft Act on Liability for Damages Arising from Defective Products B.E …
  • Building Entrepreneurial Society and the Draft Act on Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (No. …) B.E. …
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